Monday, August 1, 2011

In an ideal world

In an ideal world (without work, school, or celery) I'd require myself to draw for at least 1/2 hour each day and journal for at least 20 minutes. Who am I kidding, if this is my ideal AKA fantasy world-- bump that up to: 

Art for an hour a day

Journaling for 1/2 hour

Writing or blogging, as in non-journaling for 1 to 2 hours

Reading for as much time as needed, depending on my mood

An hour for meditation and yoga (I'd be a yoga master)

An hour for crafts of various natures, with a different one each day...
...One day I'd be making homemade paper -- the next I'd be marbling paper -- then I'd be making mosaics made out of old China I'd picked up at yard sales -- and after that making necklaces and earrings, the next day would be making huge amounts of cards -- thank yous, thinking of yous, birthdays, holidays, etc. for me to have on hand (and in all kinds of forms like pop-ups, 3D and beautiful paper cut outs) -- then making bizarre papier-mache sculptures -- handmaking soaps with lavender and basil oils -- making one-of-a-kind funky lampshades ... this list could go on forever. I tend to horde books on things like these, but never seem to have time to implement these. These are all on my list of things-to-do, which is so large it now has it's own filing system (no really).
1 hour for bubble bath leisure time with maybe some time for painting my toes.


In real world, filled with school, work, and celery, I'm lucky if I could get any one of these in a day. But I'm going to try to make it a point to get a little bit of these things in each day-- even 5 minutes of quick sketching would be uplifting, and probably 10 minutes of journaling would get out some frustrations of the day and provide stress relief. 10 minutes of yoga or basic stretching would be good. I wonder if I could count laying in bed in the mornings as I ignore my alarm as Savasana (corpse pose/meditative pose in yoga)? But then I guess that's not quite the point... 

Until later--

Sponge for Knowledge

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