Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pearls Before Swine Library Tribute

When I was younger, I was addicted to Calvin and Hobbes. We had practically every book Watterson ever put out, and I was devastated when his comic stopped being run by my local Daily Progress. However, they have finally redeemed themselves.

They finally removed Cathy-- the most annoying, and as SNL points out, the least sexy cartoon in the history of cartoons.

In turn, they finally added Pearls Before Swine, by Stephen Pastis, who is hilarious in comic form, and in blog form.  (AMAZING)

Below is the relevant, and superbly done Pearls Before Swine comic that is now posted on the refrigerator at work. Enjoy!

by Stephen Pastis

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  1. Haha, the comic strip at the bottom is brilliant!
    And thanks for your comment on my CPD23 blog; all the best to you too!