Wednesday, June 22, 2011

23 Things to do for Professional Development Project: THING 1 & 2

Alright, so the 23 Things to do for Professional Development Project I found through Michael Stephens' Tame the Web site (, and it's all about librarians (or information professionals, but I'll get back to that naming detail in a minute**) staying updated in the field of librarianship and technology through the use of blogging and social networking. I like the idea about this, and so I've decided to give it the old college try (although, because of classes-- this project may be slower due to the nature of my schedule this summer).

This is the blog that all the "Things" will be posted on-- social media assignments, you might call them: . There are two Things posted now--

Thing 1: Start a blog. Done! Whew... what next?

Thing 2: Investigate some other blogs. Also do-able. Here are my findings:

Adventures of a Red Headed Traveler--
  A lot of fun from a traveler and fellow foodie. Lots of fun recipes, and she posts so regularly. I aspire to have that kind of posting dedication (and time, can I mention time?).

Wee Hermione--
  She's not part of the cdp23 project, but a fellow classmate of mine, who I find hilarious, quirky, artistic. Love it.

Alice in LibraryLand --
   This person is hilarious, and I love her take on customer service. Plus, I enjoy reading her blog out loud in a British accent dripping with sarcasm. This makes it ridiculously enjoyable.

Addicted to Story :
I like this blog because the reviews are simple, short, and to the point. They aren't full out reviews, but I don't really like reading full-out reviews most of the time. Who wants to read that?

That's all I'll do for now. I am le tired.


** ALSO. On the note of "information professional" -- I'd like to know what the general public thinks of this job title. Does this mean anything to anyone outside of people getting a Master in Library Science? Would you laugh at me if I called myself and information professional instead of a librarian? I personally like the connotation of librarian because a librarian always seems capable of catching people off guard somehow. Note the following scenario:

Soccer player 1 (male): What do you do for a living?
Me: Oh, I'm a librarian.  [jogs away]
Soccer player 2 (male): Oh! [to Soccer Player 1] Guess we might wanna take it easy on her, huh?

On the field, Soccer player 1 approaches Hayley the Librarian confidently, and watches in horror as she slide tackles him, steals the ball, shoulders past Burly Player 2, and passes it up to her own player, who then barrels the ball into the back of the net. Hayley jogs back, smiles at dumbfounded  Players 1 and 2, and the ball restarts. 

Librarians are tricky like that. You really never know what we've got hiding up our sweatered sleeves.



  1. Happy you found my blog and thanks for the compliment! I adore your blog title though and especially the Nerdimus Maximus part of in your about me. Good luck with your graduate studies and as for my posting regularly-it's the ONE thing I am actually being dedicated and motivated about-I fail miserably with anything else (working out, working out, working out :)

  2. Hello,
    I found your blog via the CPD23 participant list on Delicious. I was intrigued by your blog title because I defined myself in mine as a curious librarian :-D
    And to participate in your librarian/information professional debate (though, obviously, I am not a member of the general public) : I am a librarian, but sometimes I like to use "information professional" or "information specialist" just because it impresses people a bit, or at least they have to think abut what that encompasses instead of dimissing me instantly as an old-fashioned/book-stamping mousy thing! ^^