Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Reflections: I Open at the Close

This past year has been a crazy one, and reflecting on it, I have certainly accomplished a lot! Although I didn't post last year's resolution list, I did do most of them -- including:
  • Move to town (less drive, more space, nice change)
  • Finish school - Master's in Library and Information Science? Check.
  • Got rid of 50 things - Since I was moving, I really needed to lighten the load. Giving myself a number was wonderful, and I surpassed that!
  • Learned basic gardening skills (Thanks, Dad)
  • Payed off one of my student loans in full
  • Got a full time job
  • Improved my timeliness 
  • Stayed healthy -- I joined the gym, and started taking Zumba classes -- which was a little easier for me to do than soccer this past fall. Though I intend to do both this spring! 
Once I moved into town, I lost my resolutions list along the way, and once it was no longer posted, I dropped off a bit. So here's to tying up a year, and to a fresh beginning for a new year!

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