Friday, December 4, 2015

Decorating Fever

I've been hit hard with decorating fever. After looking for houses with my husband in earnest for a few months, and then having to put the entire operation on hold, I decided that the best thing to do was buck up, and make the most of the space I have.

And oh, how I've researched. I'm not the kind of person who considers herself a trendsetter, or someone people look to for style. I will never write a style blog about what I'm wearing, how to wear things, or how to decorate or organize your house. I absolutely will be one of those people who frequents those blogs with the passion of a cat chasing a laser beam. And Pinterest. Dear God. So many late nights spend cuddling with my laptop in the corner of the couch -

Pin, pin, pin. 
Pin, pin, pin.
"Whoa, such a cool idea..."
Pin, pin, pin.

[5 hours later]

Husband: "So you're coming to bed? It's 3 in the morning."

It's a sickness.

And recently, I've been finding some really great books that have led me to some really great blogs, so I will share them with you so that you can cut out all the racket and skip to the good stuff. You are welcome!

  • Design*Sponge at Home - Grace Bonney
    • Amazing examples of cool homes
    • DIY stuff at the back
  • Quick Changes: Fresh Looks for Every Room - House Beautiful
    • Breaks it up by different elements that have a big impact (mirrors, paint, etc)
  • Elements of Style - Erin Gates
    • Really funny voice and funny stories with great style
  • Think Small - House Beautiful
  • The Nesting Place
    • Really great voice - she’s a renter, makes you feel like that’s not bad
  • I Brake for Yard Sales - Lara Spencer

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