Sunday, May 20, 2012

CPD Things 1, 2, and 3!

Thing 1: Blogs and blogging

So, I've clearly already got the blog down, but this is a nice chance to introduce me to some things, and being the Sponge for Knowledge that I am, I like new Things.

Why I am taking part in this course? Well, as I've stated in Back to Basics, I'm in CPD23 because I didn't get to do much with it last year while I was in school, and now I'm getting my professional development on. Although I feel like I do these kinds of things already, it's a little dash of motivation with a sprinkle of reflection on why I'm doing what I'm doing that makes me like it. I'm looking forward to all of it. This really helped me improve my blog last year, and now I'm getting a chance to push it further. Bring it on!

Thing 2: Investigate some other blogs

It's nice to go around finding new blogs, but the thing I like best about Thing 2 is the commenting. Opening up dialogues between people is the best -- but this is also how I met The Red Headed Traveler during last
year's CPD, whose blog is one of my favorites to follow.

This go round, I'm liking:   The name of her blog is "Bibliosaurus Rex". Need I say more?

I hate that some of the blogs are in Wordpress or Tumblr because then I can't follow them using Blogger, and although I like the idea of signing up for 90 more websites, I'm getting enough of that through here, and I think I'll wait 'til the RSS section for that.

Thing 3: Consider your personal brand

I got up to the this Thing last time, and it's what gave me the impetus to really give my blog a new layout. Unfortunately, that's about the last drive that I had and the CPD slowly slipped to the back of my priorities. I'm still interested in boosting my presence online, and so I've been working more dutifully on my LinkedIn page. Since I've gotten married, my name's become more common, and it's frustrating that there is a Hayley Tompkins singer out there who steals a lot of the top hits.

All of the stuff that comes up though for me is good, so that's a plus.

I've also consulted several of my colleagues and gotten their opinions on ways to improve my blog's appeal, which worked remarkably well. It's funny how things seem so obvious when you have another set of (unbiased) eyes looking at it.

Next, my first ever Thing 4!


  1. Glad to hear you're enjoying cpd23! The RSS feeds part of Thing 4 definitely will give you options for handling non-blogger subscriptions. Google Reader changed my internet-reading life when I started using it...

    Katie (one of the cpd23 team :))

  2. After we've done Google Reader and RSS in Thing 4, if you still prefer to keep up with blogs through Blogger you can import them from Google Reader.