Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mad Pie Day 2011 Announcement

Hello all! 

It's officially Mad Pie Day 2011 -- celebrated on the first Saturday of March.  I know, I know... pi day is 3.14 (March 14th) you say. Very clever, yes. But that's a math holiday, and math isn't for me. Mad Pie Day is something of a different beast. First off, it's on a Saturday so that everyone can participate (as many people don't work on Saturdays... sorry for those that do, but you can celebrate when you get off work). 

The real point of Mad Pie Day is the pie, as if that wasn't immediately obvious by the name. But don't limit yourself to the concept of just regular old pies. No no, that's not what we're going for. We're going breakfast, lunch, and dinner-- we're doing quiches, fruit pies, tarts, chicken pot pies, to name a few of the regulars. But then there are the truly mad pies. The wacky ones. The margarita pies, the chicken cacciatore pie, the hot tamale pie, spaghetti pies, taco pies, cow pie (don't worry it was only beef), woodchuck pie (made with both the rodent and the hard cider), rutabaga pie, we've even had flaming hula pies that we set on fire and glowed blue flames. There is no end to the possibilities! 

So go forth, and eat pie, and when this pie day is over, you're welcome to share your pie stories here. Til later, when I'll probably be wearing an elastic waistband.

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