Saturday, September 26, 2009

Projects at the Fluvanna County Historical Society

Projects at the Fluvanna County Historical Society:

It's true that now that I have a new job, I will have less time to spend at the Historical Society, but I can't seem to stop cold turkey. So I'm going in with whatever time I have because I've taken on a number of projects that I'm not willing to hand off just yet. Such as...

I'm working on an awesome little exhibit on the School Systems in Fluvanna. I'm unsure of when the exhibit will be put up, but the research is turning up some pretty cool things. The focus is mostly on the 19th century schools-- the private schools and the start of the first public schools in the South after the Civil War.

So I was trying to flesh out this exhibit-- deciding what would make this interesting to the school-aged kids, and thinking of ways to get them really involved. This was especially important to me after a mom and her 3 year old came through the Old Stone Jail Museum for a tour one afternoon and he kept tugging on her arm and saying, "I want to go home." This sounds like it would be annoying, but it was totally excusable because they were British, and it just didn't come off as bratty that way. I'm such a sucker for accents...

Anyway, Judy and I decided to add Discovery Boxes to the exhibit where kids could try writing in the same style and with the same materials--like quill pens and ink-- that they used in the 19th century. We're thinking of other kinds of Discovery Boxes to make too! Suggestions welcome!

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